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Here you’ll find 4 custom designed swimming pools that conform to most cities in the state of Arizona residential pool design criteria. Each pool plan includes everything you’ll need right down to the smallest detail to build a great pool. Looking for something custom, our designers have over 20 yrs experience in pool design,not much they haven’t seen. We’ll not only give you a great design we’re going to show you how to save Thousands on your next pool!

Choose a design, review your options and get an up-front, value priced swimming pool.

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Want to add a heater, therapeutic spa or how about a custom water fall?

You decide – you only pay for those features that you want. As a consultant, we are here to provide you with advice so you can make the best design decision. No up-sales, no gimmicks – just consultative guidance to help you make the right choice for your needs.

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This free form pool design is a great look in an any backyard. Easy curves makes it blend perfectly into the natural landscapes and provides a great accent for an outdoor kitchen or firepit area.

Click on the photo to see an expanded view and available options of this free form pool design for Maricopa, AZ.

This straight line pool design is the perfect shaped pool for some of the more narrow backyards in the golf course areas of Maricopa. The bench and entry area are both pulled out of the swim area to provide an easy exercise lane.

Click on the photo of this straight line pool to see more about this pool and some design options you can consider.

The island pool design is a take off of the free form pool shape with just a little more character. This unique swimming pool design is a perfect fit for natural rock water falls and lounging pool side. Add some palm tress and some low water ground cover plants and you’ ll transport your desert environment into an island retreat.

Click on the photo to see more details about what this island pool design has to offer.

This geometric pool design offers a little more flare than the traditional straight line pool shapes. The entry step area provides a great way to enter the pool while leaving a clear swim lane for exercising. A simple twist to what would be just another rectangular pool shape.

Click on the photo to find out more about what this swimming pool design has to offer.

Pool Maricopa
Our ” We design you build ” approach is designed to do one thing save you money. Arizona statutes allow for owners to build there own pool and in fact do mostly any thing you want around your home if you have the knowledge and expertise. We are going to give you that knowledge. We have a recommend list of Licensed contractors who have worked with us for years. These very same contractor are more than likely going to show up at your home for one of the big pool builders. They know exactly how the program works. We guarantee you will save money if nothing but the tax and on a large pool that can be as much as $ 10,000 or more depending on the size of the pool and options

If you want to get a design for a new swimming pool for your backyard here in Maricopa, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix , AZ – give us a call at (480)658-5544- or click on the contact us form. We’ll provide you with everything you need to have one of these great looking pools at a cost that will match your budget. We are Consultants, not licensed contractor.